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We’re in the midst of a climate emergency. 


According to a report produced by the Hawai’i Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Commission, global sea levels could rise more than three feet by 2100, with more recent projections showing that spike occurring as early as 2060. Over the next 30 to 70 years, approximately 6,500 structures and 19,800 people statewide will be exposed to chronic flooding. 


Additionally, an estimated $19 billion in economic loss will result from chronic flooding of land and structures located in exposure areas, per the commission’s estimates. Roughly 38 miles of coastal roads and 550 cultural sites could be be chronically flooded, on top of the 13 miles of beaches that have already been lost on O’ahu, Kauaʻi, and Maui to erosion worsened by seawalls and other shoreline armoring techniques.


To strengthen our community’s ability to respond to environmental changes, I’ve begun working with the Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency to establish a Hawai’i Hazards Awareness and Resilience Program for our district. A HHARP would help us become more self-reliant in anticipation of natural threats and better able to respond if and when disaster strikes. 


Through the initiation of a HHARP for Wahiawā, Whitmore Village, and Launani Valley, interested community members can work with state and county emergency management officials to better understand hazard mitigation and develop locally-based emergency plans. In short, we can learn how to become one another’s support systems in times of need. To join, contact my office. 


Click here for an overview of disasters for which we are preparing, their level of risk and likely impact area, and the potential issues we may face as a community if and when an emergency occurs. 

This is the kind of assessment that the HHARP model is based on. By increasing our understanding of how emergencies may impact our district, we can ensure that we are prepared to work together to withstand any situation. Here is our plan.

Tropical Leaves




Finance and Administration Support

Keoni manages a State Farm agency, owns a new Teapresso shop in Wahiawā, and leads the Wahiawā -Waialua Rotary Club. He is the outgoing president of WCBA and active Wahiawā Lion. He enjoys traveling, cooking, taking photos, and working on his vintage VWs. On our HHARP team, Keoni will be supporting Keith with Finance and Administration.



Finance and Administration Support

After an extensive career with Hawaiian Airlines, Nahoku, along with Keoni, now manages a State Farm agency, owns a new Teapresso shop in Wahiawā, and leads the Wahiawā Lions Club. On our HHARP team, Nahoku will be supporting Keith with Finance and Administration.




Having lived in Wahiawa since 1981, T.J. Cuaresma is a single mother of two sons and grandma to one amazing grandson. On our HHARP team, T.J. is responsible for the planning work for the team, including Incident Action Plans, managing information and situational awareness, tracking resources, maintaining incident documentation, and developing plans for demobilization.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 2.18.19 PM.png


Incident Commander

John, community member and partner at Goodsill specializing in employment law, is assuming the overall responsibility for managing incidents, including overall incident safety, providing information to stakeholders, and establishing/maintaining liaisons with other agencies.




Born and raised in Wahiawā,  graduating from Kamehameha Schools, Moana went on to work for the DOE while volunteering for the American Red Cross as an Emergency Shelter Manager in Waialua. She now owns and operates her own business and is an Affiliate Director for I Support The Girls - Hawaii, a non-profit organization, from her home in Wahiawa Heights. Moana will be implementing strategies and developing tactics to carry out incident objectives, directing the management of all tactical activities, supporting development of Incident Action Plans, and organizing, assigning and supervising the tactical response resources.




Logistics Support

Kimberly Sanchez is a United States Government Contractor at U.S. Indo-Pacific Command at Camp Smith, Halawa, Hawaii. She is a 3rd Generation Wahiawa resident from her Hawaiian and Filipino ancestral family who actively cares about the community and volunteers her time and services. On our HHARP team, Kimberly will be supporting Tony with logistics.



Logistics Support

Rodney Sanchez is an active duty United States Marine at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii at the 3rd Combat Logistics Group where he works as a Motor Transportation Maintenance Chief. He is a Wahiawa resident who shows that he cares about the community by volunteering his time services. On our HHARP team, Rodney is supporting Tony's work on logistics.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 7.03.46 PM.png



Tony is a retired government employee from the Army Aviation Missile Command (AMCOM) who believes in community service and supports the Wahiawa community. On our HHARP team, Tony is responsible for all services and support needs, including ordering, obtaining, maintaining and accounting for essential personnel, equipment and supplies, providing communication planning and resources, setting up food services for responders, setting up and maintaining incident facilities, providing support transportation, and providing medical services to incident personnel.



Planning Support

Tiari L. VenturaGrande (Bajo), born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, settled in Wahiawā at the seventh grade. A graduate of the Youth Challenge Program and dedicates free time to giving back to Wahiawā. She is an active duty medic currently serving as an operations sergeant. On our HHARP team, Tiari will be providing support for our Planning work.

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Finance and Administration

Keith, currently serving as Programs Director for ALEA Bridge, is responsible for overseeing the team's Finance and Administration work, including contract negotiation and monitoring, timekeeping, cost analysis, compensation for injury or property damage, and documentation for reimbursement.


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